“Deguello Lullaby” by Roger Alan Wade Lyrics

I’ve been a fan of Roger Alan Wade for some time. Here’s a song of his I heard that I liked. albion gold The lyrics may be a little rough for some, but I think it would be a great song to do at a bar with the right crowd. buy albion gold I love the imagery suggested by the paradoxical title. cheap albion silver Deguello is a Spanish word meaning beheading or throat-slashing and then to attach it to our word lullaby, makes for a strong image. cheap albion gold I think it’s a song that alludes to those living and surviving (or not surviving) on the edges or underbelly of our society. albion silver Maybe we all start out looking for a nursery rhyme or fairytale, then find out that life has written a much harder story for us to play out. cheap albion gold It’s a song that should make us think. buy albion silver “Deguello Lullaby” by Roger Alan Wade Jack & Jill went up a hill Jack jumped into a moonshine still Little Boy Blue blowed his horn Bo Peeps in the meadow, knee deep into porn. Chorus: And it’s a hey deedle deeddle The spoon and the needle, The cat jumped over New York Man’s best friend just played violin And the dish ran away with the fork. Chorus: There was an old woman, She lived in a shoe, Tweedle dumb tweedle dee and tweedle me too, Cinderella fell by in a four-door sedan, I ran off with Alice to wonderland. buy albion gold Chorus: Little Jack Horner Is back in the corner He axed where I’m from I said I’m a foreigner Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, And I walked down the stairs to make a phone call.