Chillicothe Rain by Roger Alan Wade: Chords and Lyrics

“Chillicothe Rain” by Roger Alan Wade It seems like it was a few months ago. cheap albion gold I was returning to Louisiana from my tour in the Rio Grande Valley and was listening to Outlaw Country on Sirius Satellite in my Toyota RAV and to the Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee (Always a great program!) when Roger Alan Wade did this song that has haunted me since I heard it. I consider it one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, with its unforgettable imagery and strong lyrics. buy albion gold I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to be released and it was included on his new album, Southbound Train. cheap albion gold I’m ordering the whole CD as I like every song on it. You can get this song “Chillicothe Rain” or the whole CD on iTunes or Amazon or from his Myspace page (here). albion gold I’ve listened and transcribed the lyrics. albion silver If I’ve made any mistakes, please email me or leave a comment. buy albion silver “Chillicothe Rain” D Low down in Ohio From the day that he was born G Charlie hit that hard road D Rolling like a thunderstorm Trouble as his shadow Larceny in his blood G They slapped him in the castle D For lighting up some peckerwood, G He got 11-29 the first time D Rode it out like train Walked down to the bus line A D Through the Chillicothe rain   D/CVariation/Bm/A CHORUS: G Some people stay in hell D Just because they know the names of the streets Some lay their soul on the anvil A And on the hammer, hell that’s me, D Sorry for the trouble G The worry and the pain D Sorry I never had the sense to get out of A D the Chillicothe rain   He hung around them pool halls Like to never found a job Finally started bouncing for some dude Connected to the Steubenville mob Fell hard for a dancer She took him for a ride She could have cleared him with her answer She got on the stand and lied He got ten years with good behavior Ten years and the mark of Cain The guard hollered See you later, through the hard Chillicothe rain. REPEAT CHORUS: Charlie stayed clear of trouble For a year he walked that line Trying to rebuild from the rubble And set things straight in his mind One night he got a phone call Said, Mama, I’ll be right back. buy albion gold She’d just killed the porch light When she heard sirens down by the track The score he swore he’d settle Got him more than a ball and chain Got him the Lord’s prayer and Satan’s chair In the Chillicothe rain. cheap albion silver CHORUS: (Variation) Some people stay in hell Just because they know the name of the streets Some lay their soul on the anvil And on the hammer, hell that’s me My storm will be over When they run lightning through my brain By the time you read this I’ll be a lily white mist In the Chillicothe rain.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This song hits me hard. I agree it is one of the best songs going. Not sure I can describe why. I also first heard it on Outlaw Country (up here in Boston) and had to download the CD. I was searching for lyrics because I want to play it myself. I know I’ll never make it sound as good as Roger Alan Wade.

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