Day Before Thanksgiving . . . Various Thoughts

I’ve got one ENG class tonight–ENG 205. Then next week we have finals. How fast this semester has flown by. I have no classes tomorrow, but I have much to do. Today, thanks to the help of my devoted Delta disciple, William Cooper, I was able to clear my yard, so that now I’m  even able to mow the yard!


I’ve been doing some research, and I think one place I’d like to visit would be the Gulf Coast of Alabama, problably, Orange Beach, AL, near Gulfport. I don’t know why, other than it’s close to Mobile–one of my favorite cities. When I plan trips, I feel much like the protagonist in Heart of Darkness who puts his finger on a map and says I’d like to go there. I hope it’s my intuitive intelligence working and that great things await me there. I’ve always loved the Gulf Coast, and there’s something about “Orange Beach” that makes me stop and think. I’m writing the schools and libraries there immediately about my programs. Who knows? If you don’t play hunches, what do you do

Songs About Texas:

My beautiful friend, Bonnie Barnes, sent me this website on Texas history. It’s definitely going to be valuable for my Texas history programs in schools. You can find the site here: