Confederate Version of “Scots Whae Hae”: Songs of the South

I primarily do two programs in the schools I visit. One is a Civil War program and the other is a Scots-Irish program. Both are received well. In either of those shows, I sometimes perform the well-known and stirring Bobby Burns song, “Scots Whae Hae,”  which reportedly records the words of Robert the Bruce to his army before the battle of Bannockburn. A great many Southerners were Scottish (including Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee) so many in fact, that the soldiers came up with Confederate version of “Scots Whae Hae.”  Here are the lyrics, which I obtained from the 12th Louisiana String Band, some of the finest musicians the modern South has produced.

Scots Whae Hae (Confederate Version)

Rally round our country’s flag,
Rally, boys, haste, do not lag,
Come from every vale and crag,
Sons of liberty.

Northern vandals tread our soil,
Forth they come for blood and spoil,
To the homes we’ve made with toil,
Shouting slavery.

Traitorous Lincoln’s bloody band,
Now invades the freeman’s land,
Armed with sword and firebrand,
Against the brave and free.

Arm ye then for fray and fight,
March ye forth by day and night,
Stop not till the foe’s in sight,
Sons of chivalry.

In your veins the blood still flows,
Of brave men who once arose,
Burst the shackles of their foes,
Honest men and free.

Rise then in your power and might,
See the spoiler, brave the fight,
Strike for God, for truth, for right.
Strike for liberty.

*Here is the contact information on the 12th Louisiana String Band:

The 12th Louisiana String Band
Celtic Songs & Uncivil War Reenactments.
Contact: Belinda Brand
Phone: 225.761.2857