Confederate Poetry

 I found some sites that are rich resources for those researching poetry written during or about the Civil War (More correctly, the War Between the States). If you are a song writer, a poet, or a reader of materials related to the Civil War, you will want to check these out.

The first is Poetry and Music of the War Between the States.  The site has a brief but well-written introduction that says:

“The War Between the States was the pivotal event in our Nation’s history.
If you want only the facts about the conflict, any textbook will do.  But if you want to understand the thoughts and emotions of the men who faced each other across the battlefield and those who waited for them at home, look to the poems and songs written during and after the War.”

You can find the site here: 

Another site, entitled Civil War Poetry and created by Rick Hearn is here:

An interesting aside on this site: Hearn has posted the Devil’s Dictionary and points out that Ambrose Bierce has some interesting poems and definitions on the Civil War veteran. I’ll have to investigate this, as the first time I read Bierce’s book, I was not looking for Civil War material.

Book News:

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