Christmas Lullaby by Amy Grant: Chords and Lyrics

Christmas decorations  (and sales) are now everywhere. One of my favorite Christmas songs and one I’ve included in my own little Christmas show is one I heard by the talented and beautiful Amy Grant. It’s entitled, “Christmas Lullaby.”  If you’ve heard one of her Christmas albums, you’ve heard it. Here are the lyrics, followed by the chords I figured out. Of course, my transcription of the words and my chords may be inaccurate. If so, please write me so I can correct them. I home this song blesses you this Christmas season as it did me. I did not include the key change as that is quite impractical for my acoustic program.  I couldn’t find a Youtube video of Grant doing this song, but if I do, I’ll post the link here.

“Christmas Lullaby” ( I Will Lead You Home)

Are you far away from home
This dark and lonely night
Tell me what best would help
To ease your mind
Someone to give
Direction for this unfamiliar road
Or one who says, "follow me and i
Will lead you home."

How beautiful
How precious
The savior of all
To love so
The loneliest soul
How gently
How tenderly
He says to one and all,
"child you can follow me an
I will lead you home
Trust me and follow me
And I will lead you home."

Be near me, lord jesus
I ask thee to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray
Bless all the dear children
In thy tender care
And take us to heaven
To live with thee there
Take us to heaven
To live with thee there

Chords: G C G D Em C D     G C B C G D Em C  G D G  (I capo on the third fret and it sounds like an Am7 can be substituted for the C chords I listed)

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