Charleston, SC

Yesterday morning I rose at 6 am and drove to Folly Island. I was looking for a place to metal detect, but I found none—the island was much more built up than when I lived here in the 80’s. Incredible. Charleston was one of the richest cities in the New World, and it still has signs of having a rather healthy economy.

Then I went to C.S.A. galleries in North Charleston. A fantastic store—full of artwork and a wide array of Southern clothing, souvenirs, and Confederate items. They agreed to carry my book, Stories of the Confederate South. They are in the process of moving, but if you’re in Charleston you should look them up. I bought a South Carolina flag, a ball cap with the crescent moon and palm tree on it, and a Wales flag bumper sticker. I’ll place the sticker on my Toyota truck next to my Real Men Wear Kilts sticker.

From that store, I moved on to downtown Charleston. I spent twenty minutes searching for a parking place. I finally found a pay lot near the market. Charleston is full of tourists this time of year it seems. I walked up to Calhoun Street and left materials at the Charleston library, then moved on to the Confederate Museum, then to The Old Heritage Shop below in the market area, presenting my book and getting them to take orders. Though I saw a lot of neat stuff—like the baskets woven by the Gullah from palmetto and sweet grass—I settled for a tee shirt that read, SC Standing Alone Against Northern Aggression Since 1861.

After strolling through the market, I drove to another parking lot at Liberty Square so I could take the Fort Sumter tour (the rates are higher than the meters where you can only park for an hour, but they are not New York City parking rates for sure). I’ll write about the Fort Sumter trip next entry.

2 thoughts on “Charleston, SC

  1. I love Charleston, too. My favourite, and possibly only, souvenir from Charleston was a Rice Spoon. It is a large, 14 inch long, silver plated serving spoon. I got it because rice was THE starch for the daily meals there. It was the perfect item to get.

  2. A good friend of mine recently returned from a holiday in Charleston which he thoroughly enjoyed, and one of the souvenirs he brought back was a grey tee shirt with the quoted inscription on the back “standing alone against Northern aggression since 1861” – any ideas as to where I can purchase one? (Large size) – I too have a great love and interest in the epic struggle, am an avid reader of anything to do with the civil war and particularly it’s aftermath and consequences for the South. Many thanks in anticipation!

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