Brendan Nolan

One of my absolute favorite Irish singers is Tampa based Brendan Nolan. I have two of his five CD’s and our band Angus-Duhbghall performs several of his songs. Brendan is a personable individual, he is a fantastic songwriter, he is one of the best Irish guitarists I’ve ever heard, and he is blessed with a rich, beautiful voice. You can read more about this Dublin born artist and his music on his Web site here:

One of Nolan’s songs has haunted me ever since I first heard it. I’ve included the lyrics here in this blog. As I transcribed them from his CD, there is a chance I got a word or two wrong, so pardon that and send me a correction if you have the lyrics.

“The Trees Are Growing Bare” by Brendan Nolan

There’s nothing left to do
There’s nothing left to say
My mind’s all a mess
With my true love gone away
But I know that I was wrong
And to her I have no claim
I know it in me head
But me heart won’t say the same.

I have to get out, Oh,
I have to go away
For the trees are growing bare
And the evening’s turning gray

There used to be a time
There used to be a place
When the world and all its charms
Ringed a smile upon her face
They say that knowledge comes
And that wisdom lingers on,
But it’s little solace to me
Now that you are gone.


In this autumn of the year
When the nights are turning cold
And the colors of the summertime
All are growing old
The leaves swirl in the wind
Like my thoughts that plague the night
Brighter days when we were one
In a little space and time


I’d love to vagabond
I’d love to sail away
On a ship of lonely dreams
That’s gone and lost its way
You’d be there as always
Framed upon my mind,
A painting of a beauty
God, I know I’ll never find.