Book Tour News and Mickey Newbury Chords and Lyrics: The Thirty-Third of August

School Program at Dubach, Louisiana

I had a wonderful time with the students of Dubach High School last Friday. I was welcomed warmly by the very devoted and talented staff. I’ll have some photos and more thoughts of the program in a future post.

University Park Barnes & Noble in Fort Worth

I did some storytelling and some children’s music at this store Saturday morning. Then I signed books the rest of the afternoon. I had a grand time and met so many great people.

Mickey Newbury Chords and Lyrics: The Thirty-Third of August

I’m still enjoying the Winter Winds CD by Mickey Newbury. Here is another song on his CD that I intend to learn and use in my Americana show.

Lord today there’s no salvation

The band’s packed up and gone

Left me standing with my penny in my hand,

There’s a big crowd at the station

Where the blind man sings his songs

He can see what I can’t understand.


It’s the thirty-third of August

And I’m finally touchin’ down

Eight days from Sunday

Lord and I’m Saturday bound.

Once I stumbled through the darkness

I tumbled to my knees

A thousand voices screamin’ through my brain

Woke up in a squad car

Busted down for vagrancy

Outside my cell as sure as hell

It looks like rain.


Now I’ve put my dangerous feelings

Under lock and chain

Hide my violent nature with a smile

Though the demons danced and sang their songs

Within my fevered brain

Not all my God-like thoughts

Lord are defiled.


Verse chords: D, G, D   A, D, G, D, A

Chorus chords: G, D, A ,D