Book Signing News

I finished up my two days at Prairie Vista Middle School with my Civil War Program. I’ve started a scrapbook on my school programs, and the comments of the students who signed it are so funny and so encouraging. I actually feel like I’m doing something good with these programs.  The school Librarian, Tanya Plocica, is really a first rate librarian  who is doing so much for the school there. As soon as she gets me the photos of our event, I’ll post them.

After I packed up there, I went on to the Grapevine Public Library for the children’s program there.  These were little ones, so I did a story time using my Jim Limber Book and played several kid’s songs. The parents were there with them and were very pleased. It  was encouraging for me to see parents spending so much time with their little ones at the library, taking them home with their arms full of books.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Sundance Barnes & Noble in Downtown Fort Worth. I’ve also got some projects I’ve got to wrap up for my sponsors. Saturday, I’ll be at the Hasting’s Bookstore in Mount Pleasant in the morning, then Paris, Texas Hastings Bookstore in the afternoon. From there I’ll drive to Oklahoma.

I’m learning so much from my book-signing and program adventures.