Book Signing News: A Long Weekend

 Ah, so this is what the life of a writer is, at least one with limited resources who is trying to establish himself.  It is very busy and tiring. I spent the night Thursday with friends in Alexandria, Louisiana, then up at 4:00 a.m. to drive on to Lake Charles. I was at Le Bleau Elementary all day Friday, and I must say that this program and presentation was a wonderful experience for me.  The students were absolutely wonderful, the teachers far above average, and Adrienne Oakley, the librarian in the photo with me below, a fantastic lady.  I do hope I can come back to this school, as I loved these kids and beautiful teachers so much.


From Lake Charles, I drove to Baton Rouge on Friday, where I was to meet my fellow musician, Tom McCandlish. We were guests of the Scottish Society there, and had a late night at the society’s house on Airline.  Thanks to Mark and Tasha Ferguson for their hospitality this past weekend.  They are generous, and they love things and people Scottish with all their heart.  Below is my friend Tom, and though he is very Scottish, he is reminding us of how multicultural he can be!  I’ve forgotten when and where I took this photo this weekend! Ahem . . .


Saturday morning, Tom woke me up much earlier than I wanted, and we went to the Swamp Celts Festival in Gonzalez, Louisiana.  We had a great day and I certainly will post more photos of this event in the near future.  I made two story-telling presentations for the festival, and I also had a booth where I signed and sold my books.  The festival staff was fantastic and with their help I was able to have a very successful day of signing and selling books.  I am indebted to all the festival staff there, and with all my heart I thank them for allowing me to read some of my writing and have  a table there. Below is a photo of Shannon, one of the festival workers I met last year and am in debt to. We decided that our picture together at this event would be an annual tradition, so here is our second photo together.

shannon 08

I’ll certainly have more to say of this weekend in the future. Mark this link and check it in the near future for more photos of this wonderful festival. 

This week, I’m going to the Texas Library Association conference in Dallas. This too will be a long week, but I’ll make as many posts as I can.