Book Review: Sins of a Cajun Boy by Danny Singleton

The Cajun Prairie Author Expo at LSU-Eunice, (July 23rd) featured over twenty Louisiana authors. It was at this event that I met Danny Singleton, the author (along with Virgil Breeden) of Sins of a Cajun Boy: The Legendary True Story of Louisiana’s Famous Cat Man. I obtained a signed copy. The book is a quick read, with forty-one chapters.  The book is a memoir, a descriptive account of a man’s life of crime,  and a remarkable tale of redemption.  Singleton was a skilled safecracker jewel thief, and cat burglar, whose criminal career tied him to the Dixie Mafia and to criminal organizations in Florida Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas and landed him in several prisons, including Angola, Parchman Farm.  He describes his restless life as a search for the dragon.  Larceny certainly ran in his blood.

He relates in his story the individuals and life events that shaped his criminal career and that eventually led him away from crime and to a positive life of faith and service. Though he experienced much suffering and setbacks in his life, his book ends positively without bitterness.  The book includes several newspaper articles relating to his crimes and court cases.

To order his book and to learn more about this fascinating man, his story, and his present Christian ministry, order his book HERE: