Bienville Parish Presentation: No shortage of work

This afternoon I’ll be presenting my Jim Limber/Civil War Program at the library in Arcadia, a town most famous for being the location where Bonny and Clyde were gunned down. Bienville Parish also has the highest elevation in the state, which admittedly is not much at Driskill Mountain, 11 miles south Arcadia (elevation 535 feet above sea level).  Next Tuesday, I’ll do the same presentation at the Ringgold Public Library, also in Bienville Parish.

Overall, it looks like a busy week. I have university work tomorrow (see, still second guessing myself on that), helping with the ULM piper concert Thursday, and a book signing Saturday, Sept 8 in Columbia, Louisiana at the Columbian Coffee and Book shop. Then of course, there are chores and long lists of things to do with my book promotion. I also have a book to finish editing, a play to write, and two more books to write. There’s no shortage of work for sure.