Beth Patterson: “In the Name of Honor”

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be with Kathy Patrick and her crew all day Saturday for the Linden Wildflower Festival. Kathy Patrick gave me and my upcoming children’s book this plug on her blog:

Author, teacher, Rickey Pittman has been coming to Beauty and the Book and my author events for years. He was recently here for our annual Girlfriend Weekend and I previewed an advance galley at the literary festival. What a talent and what a story! If you love southern confederate civil war history, Rickey is the man to talk too. His latest book will be a children’s book Jim Limber Davis, a Black Orphan in the Confederate White House.

Check out this link to the recent news story in the Monroe, Louisiana Newspaper:
I also decided to post another song by one of my favorite Celtic singers, Beth Patterson.


There is a great imbalance at the grisly banquet table.

As some people slowly starve to death,

and others are force-fed.

You cannot hear my silent scream, for now I am unable

I am forced another morsel and wish that I was dead.


In the name of honor we must suffer

In the name of pride, we must pretend

In the name of fate, we must carry a burden

And make martyrs of our hearts to defend . . . our honor.

Now I am a common criminal, a thief of sacred thoughts

There is a plan laid out for me to counter all my sins

Do not mourn my execution

for my penance will be bought

Just be strong for me and rest assured one day we will win.


In the name of secrecy, we perish

In the name of discipline, deny ourselves a joy

In the name of morals, we must sacrifice a loved one

And hunt down another mystery to destroy . . . our honor.

In the throes of desperation, we raise our voices high

Haunted by the deep blue sea and burning summer sky

I’ve never begged for anything,

but now my time draws nigh

If it truly is your will, might this cup pass me by