Battlefield Louisiana: My Last Session

Well, my six-week program with the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities is over. Last night, we evaluated The Civil War in Louisiana by John D. Winters. An excellent book. We were fortunate to have one audience member who had actually studied under Mr. Winters. All of our reading group agreed that it is a fine book, chock full of information. Some of us felt it would be a better reference tool, or if it were used in this pilot program, it should be the first book read in advance of the series. Of course, the history fanatics in our group absolutely loved the book, but most of the lay readers felt it a little technical for what we were trying to do in our series. My mistake was using this book on the last week instead of the first week. Once again, several participants brought stuff for our little show and tell session. I brought a few Civil War Relics (Yes, I’m a digger) and I also played and sang a few tunes on my Guild guitar. Our wonderful librarians fed us a first class meal of pork loin, baked beans, cole slaw, and fruit salad.
Well, now that the class is over, I’ll have Thursday nights again. Yet, I’ll miss the time I spent with these devoted readers at the Winnsboro, Louisiana Public Library. I learned so much from facilatating this series. I hope I’m able to present it again. Hopefully, I can present it even better. Now I must organize my books, notes, and visuals I used and file them away. I also have a self-evaluation of the course and books I must turn in today. As always, too much to do and not enough time.