Barnes & Noble Educators Night, Mobile, Alabama

I just returned home from teaching my university classes. Well, I had another successful signing, another sell-out. I was at the Barnes and Noble in Mobile, Alabama last night. The manager, Ken Turner, is a fireball of energy and excited about my new children’s book. In him I’ve found a partner to work with in many future projects. We sold all of my books in the store and he had to send a worker to borrow more copies from the B & N at Spanish Fort, across the bay. At his request, I wore my Confederate uniform and did 4 short sets of songs for the many teachers who had come. After the event, I drove back to Monroe and arrived home about 1:00 a.m. Once again, I made many new friends and booked some schools to present my program at in the future. God, I love this gypsy writer’s life!

Before the event, my good SCV Confederate friend, Art Green, drove me around Mobile. We spent a good bit of time in Magnolia Cemetery. I saw the graves of Kate Cumming, Confederate nurse and of Augusta Jane Evans, a great novelist of the Confederacy. I’ll have some photos from that part of my journey to post soon on this blog. My journey to Mobile ended too soon. I love that city. Below is a photo of me and of Dusty, one of the store workers who wanted to take a photo with me. Art and the store manager took some more of my signing and of my performance, which I’ll post later also.  They have better cameras than I do. (I must get a better one soon myself)

Barnes & Noble Mobile