Balance of This Dance by Beth Patterson

I love the music of Beth Patterson, a performer well known in Celtic music circles. Not long ago, I obtained one of her CD’s, Take Some Fire. You can check out the CD, hear some sample music, and learn about Beth here:
She is a talented bouzouki player, witty, brilliant lyricist, and beautiful. If you get a chance to see her live you should. She plays a few time a year here in Monroe, Louisiana at Enoch’s, our favorite Irish pub, and she will be performing at the Celtic Festival October 7-8 here as well. To give you just a sample of her talent, here are the lyrics to her song “Balance of This Dance” from the Take Some Fire CD.

They say two mountains in this lifetime
May share a range, but never meet
But Mohamed, he knows where to find me
He knows every crevice, cliff, and peak

Reality is relative
But this ache for you cuts to the core
And it’s realer than anything
I’d ever thought I’d felt before

Oh, heed the music tonight
And pray, disregard the former
Stolen glances, whirling dances
Can gradually lead your thoughts astray

From every wandering eye
To every forbidden corner
I will seek you through the crowds at night
And help you find your way.

Land-lover, wildwood creature
Lead me to this sacred place
As I’m drowning in a sea of fantasy
Rapture seizes control of your face

But you’re the balance of this dance now
I secretly smile and await your cue
Take your hand, exit stage left
Hidden in aesthetic perfection with you.