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On June 25, at 12:45 p.m., I’ll be one of the speakers at a video conference for librarians across the state of Texas! It is entitled, At Your Library Video Conference  Region VII in Kilgore is the host for this state-wide video conference for librarians. Every education service center is invited to connect. Content will include best practices from those “good idea” Texas school librarians.

The agenda will include ten 20 minute sessions so participants can share and learn about the impact of active library programs on student achievement.
Here is a description of my program:

Why Authors Should Fall to Their Knees and Worship Librarians

This presentation will address the important role Librarians have in society and the educational system. Librarians are now the ones entrusted with the torch of cultural and academic enrichment. The presentation will touch on what authors need to know about librarians and will address how and what should be communicated to visiting authors to insure a successful program.

If you would like to see the schedule or the other speakers information, the link to the program is here:

A Teacher’s Review of Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House. 

Jessica Shultz is a teacher candidate in the elementary education program at Wake Forest University. She grew up in southern New Jersey, and has lived in North Carolina for three years. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate her growth as a professional during my time in the teacher education program at WFU. This site is a collection of her work from the elementary education program, and tracks the progression of her teaching philosophy.  She said this about my Jim Limber Children’s book:

Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House
Written by: Rickey Pittman
Copyright 2007
Grades 3-5
• This is a fascinating story about a little orphaned African American boy who was taken in by Jefferson Davis and his family and lived for a while in the Confederate White House. An amazing true story that will really make children consider their concepts of right and wrong. The Davis family treats little Jim Limber like one of their own children, which contradicts the view that many people have about the Confederate South.
• Covers Civil War history, the Confederacy, the Davis family
• Classroom application: This would be a great book to start or end a unit. If students already have some Civil War knowledge, this would be a great way to start a unit! It will definitely challenge children and most likely contradict many of their previously held beliefs about the Civil War and the Confederate south. A great discussion starter!

You can see Jessica’s site here: