I’ve long placed any movie connected to Mel Gibson on my “must see” list. I can hardly wait to see this one. I’ve wondered myself for many years, “What happened to the Maya?” I just thought it was another example of my eccentric and ecletic interests surfacing, but now I see that I am not alone in my interests. We have a smaller version of the Maya Vanishing story in Northeast Louisiana at a place called Poverty Point. I love to go out there. All those mound builders just vanishing. Must be a story in that for me.

Other movies of Gibson’s I’ve especially enjoyed were Mad Max, We Were Soldiers, The Patriot, and Braveheart. I have not yet seen the Passion of Christ, perhaps because I’ve been haunted by religion for too many years of my life already and don’t need any more trauma in that area.  I’ll let you know my thoughts about Apocalypto after I see it.