An Interview with Geoffrey M. Gluckman

While in Jefferson, Texas, I met Geoffrey M. Gluckman, a sharp Canadian author, and I looked at his novel, Deadly Exchange. (Another now on my must-read list). Interesting aside: He knows aikido! Gluckman drew from personal experiences as a federal agent and international lecturer to write Deadly Exchange. He is a featured author in Teen Angst and writes features for print publications, including Iron Horse Magazine and Law Enforcement Technology. Though I gave him stiff competition, I must also confess that he defeated me to win the Pulpwood’s Queen Timber Man Contest.  He had a great 60’s costume too, with glasses, fake-buck teeth, and red sports coat!


What if the company you work for could control your mind?
Only weeks remain before Lectures And More, Inc., a company representing the world’s top motivational speakers, launches its latest technological advance: a mind-altering radio frequency device sold as a work-site enhancement product. The deceptively altruistic Ulrich Rogers spearheads the company and its reeducation programs, incorporating the presentational prowess and charm of Jennifer Chance, a world-renowned motivational speaker. But as the lies that make up her life begin to unravel like threads on a poorly sewn garment, it becomes evident that nothing is as it seems.

Jennifer alone holds the key to unveil Rogers’s plot to hold America hostage using Lectures And More’s newest device. Plunged into a twisting chase to escape the clutches of Rogers and his former espionage henchmen, Jennifer seeks help from Frank Revere, an enigmatic former government counterintelligence agent. But the question of who to trust continues to dangle in Jennifer’s mind. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, but a deeper deception lurks in the shadows …
Brimming with suspense, danger, and mystery, Deadly Exchange conjures up a blend of the ordinary, the arcane, the seen, and the unseen in the search for truth.

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1. Your favorite author(s) and book(s)
Tender is the Night & The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Castle, Franz Kafka
L’Etranger (The Stranger), Albert Camus
The Last Wild Wolves, Ian McAllister
Edgar Allen Poe
Irene Nemirovsky
Wolfram von Eschenbach

2. What is the most significant thing as a writer that you learned in writing this book?
The value of being subtly succinct. And how hard writing really is.

3. What are your favorite lines in your novel?
p.255: Conversation between Jennifer (main character) and Ulrich Rogers (her former boss and ex-CIA agent):
(Ulrich): “Violate another person’s right…to…life? I’m not sure I understand.”
(Jennifer): “I’ll put it in your terms. It’s a code. One that I’ve been working on after all my experiences and rediscovering my true self. As equal creatures on this planet, we all have the privilege of life. It’s a gift, a divine right perhaps. And no one has the right to take that away. I have the freedom to live as I wish without causing harm to another. I’m also free from the dictation or orchestration by any external authority…”

4. News: Recent or future author events?

Upcoming: February 19, 2008
Reno, Nevada Booksigning event
1026 West 1st Street
Reno, NV 89503

February 25, 2008
Santa Clara Booksigning event (at end of Muscle Balance & Function Development(r) course.

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