An Endorsement from a Texas Librarian

Last Thursday, I presented my Jim Limber program at the elementary and middle schools of Honey Grove, Texas. Below is a nice review and endorsement of my program.

Subject: [tlc] Great Author Visit
From:    “Beverly Herriage” <>
Date:    Mon, October 1, 2007 2:48 pm
To:      “Texas Library Connection” <>

We had  an excellent author visit last Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007 at our
elementary and middle school campuses.  Mr. Rickey Pittman gave a
wonderful presentation for students in grades 3-8.  He shared his
knowledge and love of the history of the Civil War time period with the
children.  He gave a booktalk about  his recently published children’s
book JIM LIMBER DAVIS:  A BLACK ORPHAN IN THE CONFEDERATE WHITE HOUSE, played his guitar and sang songs of the Civil War time period, told of his
involvement in reenactments of Civil War Battles, and let the children
view his Civil War artifacts. He encouraged the students to read, write
and do research.
Students and faculty are asking for another visit from Mr. Pittman, so you
know his performance was extra special.  IT WAS THAT SPECIAL PROGRAM EACH

Mr. Pittman’s awards :
*Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal, May 13, 2005.  (Presented by the
Daughters of the Confederacy  in recognition of excellence in research and
writing in published writing.)
*Bonnie Blue Society, May 26, 2006.  (Presented by the Sons of Confederate
Veterans in
recognition of scholarly research and published literature.)
*Meritorious service Medal, in recognition of exceptionally meritorious
service to the sons of Confederate Veterans, July 26, 2007.

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