Alexandria, Louisiana: Books-A-Million Signing

This morning, I attended the adjunct instructor orientation at Delta Community College. Great people. I left that meeting at 11:00 am to drive (two hours) to go to my signing at the Books-A-Million in Alexandria, Louisiana. I had another sell-out. I think we’re going to get the attention of the national accounts at BAM if I can keep this up. The BAM managers were VERY pleased and said that I could definitely return to their store for future signings. No negative responses to the book today, and I did sell some to school teachers who said they were interested in my coming to their school so I could present my Jim Limber/Civil War Program. All of today’s activities translates into future money. I also met Jimmy, a member of the local SCV, and he wants to schedule me for a camp meeting as well. A friend of mine met me at the store and we got reacquainted (our families had been close friends for that two years I lived in the Alexandria/Pineville area). After I had sold all my books (I was scheduled from 1-5 pm), at 5:20 we went to eat a supper at Sammie’s. I’m tired, but very happy with how the day went. People who stopped to listen to me tell the synopsis of the Jim Limber story were surprised at the rich ironies of the story: 1) The fact that the President of the Confederacy legally adopted a free orphan of color and 2) That it was Yankee troops who kidnapped little Jim. I do believe this is a story that must be told.

Deo Vindici.