My friend and fellow musician, Tom McCandlish, introduced me to a new band: Albannach. The word Albannach is Scottish for “Scotsman.” I’ve enjoyed their CD very much, and found their music to have a savage, primal feel to it—in a Celtic way—driven by pipes and drums. Ah, it stirs the blood of one’s Celtic ancestors. You can learn more about this Scottish band here:

I woke early again, like at 4 a.m. without an alarm. It was three a.m. yesterday though. Perhaps because I have so much on my mind, so much stress at work, plus stress of trying my best to be a disciplined and fruitful writer.  Actually, it was the rain that woke me this morning. Fit my mood perfectly: As I was paid yesterday, the first thing I did was rise and pay bills. No happy sunshine days for me lately. A spring rain has a certain rythym to it, and the pitter-patter this morning cast a certain mood:
Wake me rain,

Wash away her memory,

And the dried salt-streaks of tears,

Soften the hard and cracked

Black earth of my heart,

Rinse the septic wounds clean.