Abbeville, Louisiana Reading

Last night, I did a reading from Stories of the Confederate South for a Sons of Confederate Veterans organization in Abbeville, Louisiana. There were only a dozen in attendance, but they all bought books, and through some of the individuals there, I set up future writing/music related activities.

They were an interesting group of men–articulate, walking historical encyclopedias, and extremely passionate regarding their convictions. One man was the first heliocopter pilot I’ve ever met. I’ll have to get with him–I could tell he had stories in him. There was a man who owns a bookstore, Patti’s Book Nook, who is now going to order my books. His website is Another member is prominent in the Scottish Society circles. I ran out of time before I could really get to know any of them, but I do hope to return. This camp has a link, you can go to it and learn something about them. Anyway, I did the reading, then I played and sang some Southern and Irish tunes. I had to leave at 8;00 pm after my presentation, as Monroe is 200 miles north. I packed up my books and guitar and reached my house at midnight, tired but energized for my writing work.

2 thoughts on “Abbeville, Louisiana Reading

  1. Dear Mr. Pittman,
    My name is John Quinn and I am the co-organizer of the Civil War Heritage Music Gathering & Encampment. This event is held during the first weekend of August each year. I learned about your book Stories of the Confederate South from Je Marum. Jed has appeared at Windham the past two years. We love his music. His song Mama’s Lily was in part inspired by one of your short stories. I’m writing to see if you might be interested in doing a program based on your book at Windham. I look forward to hearing from you.

    My best regards,

    John Quinn

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