A Writer’s Work Is Never Done

I returned last night (Monday) from my latest book-promotion journey.  I signed books at three Barnes and Noble stores–Denton, S. Arlington, and Ft. Worth respectively–and had a grand time. Two of the signings were almost sell-outs. One store had a slow day, but I still managed to sign and sell 15 copies of Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House.  On the way to Denton, I set up a signing at the Books-A-Million in Bossier and in Longview, Texas.  (I might have one at the Barron’s bookstore in Longview as well. I’m awaiting final word on that one.)

I had a hard time getting to Denton. It took me four hours to get through Dallas because of the many wrecks, a bad day even by Dallas standards. I-635 was completely shut down, and if I hadn’t gotten off and circled around it via Beltline Road, I would have been late to my signing. Next time I do a signing in Denton, I’m going to circle around Dallas, even if it means driving an extra 50 miles or so. I figure I’ll still save time. I left the signing and drove to my parent’s house in South Oklahoma, arriving at midnight. I had the other two signings on Saturday, and as I said, they also went well. I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with my parents, then started back to Louisiana on Monday morning. I have a goal of stopping at 10 places every time I take a trip, and I reached my goal this time–6 libraries, 2 bookstores, and 2 school districts. I made some sales and also set up some presentations for later in the year.

This trip I met many really cool people–some from other states, even some from other countries.  I am truly becoming a gypsy writer.  In the evenings and on Sunday I managed to do some reading and some writing to feed my starving writer’s soul.  The weather was abysmally warm (in the 100’s), but I’d rather drive in the dog days of summer in clear weather than in the rain.

I returned home, finding myself behind in work. So, time to get at it.  If any of my readers have attended one of my signings, I’d like to hear from you. Write me at rickeyp@bayou.com