A Song for E.B.D.

My muse has been active lately. I thought I’d try my hand on a song. The lyrics seem to work, though like everything I write, need editing, but the song has a feel I like. Now must get to work on a melody.

In my new silence of living
I have no regrets,
For the magnet of your love
That still pulls upon me yet.

I’ll hold to my promise
To my words and my verse,
To lose you is hard,
But to hurt you would be worse.

If by chance I should see you,
You won’t see me cry,
I’ll smile and I’ll wave,
But when you’re gone I’ll die.

There’s no need of compensation,
There’s no lines drawn in the sand,
Only soft pleasant memories
Of me once holding your hand.

You’re still my heart’s focus,
Still the love of my life,
Your ghost will walk with me
Until the day that I die.

There’s an ache deep inside me,
My heart’s hollow and sore,
Breaking from the memory
Of what’s not there anymore.

I know it’s not an ending,
But it still feels like death,
Because you’re the best thing
That’s happened to me yet.

We faced love’s complications,
Lived through storms and through guilt,
And even this amputation
Won’t end the love that we’ve built.

The best and worst things happen
When the timing is wrong,
But we’ll live on forever
In the words of my songs.