A Poem for Valentine’s Day: The Seventh Eve

Due to an overwhelming amount of work, I’ve neglected my blog for a couple of days. I’ll try to not be so remiss in the future. To my friends and blog readers: Happy Valentine’s Day! I had my ENG 101 class at Delta last night study the history of the day, we shared our favorite quotes on “luv” and talked about the logic and illogic of love. To help with that focus, we discussed examples logical fallacies, and discussed how frequently those fallacies are seen and heard in current political adds. We then ended class with a reading of “Love is a Fallacy” by Max Shulman, a short story that if you haven’t read, you should. It is a hoot! Students love to read it too. You can read that story here: http://www1.asknlearn.com/ri_Ilearning/English/631/elang-ilearning/page3a.htm

Book News:

Today I travel to Fort Worth to prepare for a very busy weekend. Tomorrow is my big day at the Region XI Library and Media Service Center. This will be the third Texas Regional Service Center I’ve worked with. Saturday I’ll be at the Texas Civil War Museum. This is one of the finest Civil War museum’s I’ve ever visited. Here is the museum’s homepage: http://www.texascivilwarmuseum.com/

Saturday night, I’m to meet with some friends and Texas writers. I’ll likely post a blog entry both on Friday and Saturday nights as I’ll have Internet access. Here is a original poem for Valentine’s Day:

The Seventh Eve

The Chinese remember
Zhi Nu, the weaving maiden,
On their Valentine