A New Children’s Song by Rickey E. Pittman

Yesterday at the East Texas Library Summit, I met another author, Marvin S. Mayer, whose book, Sammy Squirrel and the Sunflower Seeds,  tells the story of Sammy the squirrel’s adventures after being captured and relocated to the Squirrel Relocation Center, and his courageous attempt to return home while his father searches for him at the same time.  I was so impressed with this author and his children’s story that I wrote a song on the spot. The conference videotaped the song and I think it will be YouTube soon. I’ll also post it on my blog and my Facebook page.  I like this song and plan to work it into my children’s program.


(A children’s song by Rickey E. Pittman)

Sammy the squirrel went out to play

A wire box trap was in his way

He started to just pass it by

But he saw the sunflower seeds inside.

He entered the cage at an open end,

The door slammed shut, trapping him in

Sammy cried “Mother, what will happen to me?”

Then they took him to the *SRC


Sammy the squirrel lived in a Texas town,

Climbing in trees and rolling on the ground

Leaping and flying so wild and free,

Sammy would work for sunflower seeds.

Sammy said enough of this SRC

I’m leaving here and you can’t stop me

It’s hard to survive when you’re on your own,

I’ve got to find my way back home.

Harriette the squirrel said, Listen to me.

Get off the ground if you want to be free.

Travel in the trees and telephone lines,

And move through the air so clean and fine.


*Squirrel Location Center

You can order or look at this children’s chapter book here: