A Liberty Based Society

I’ve thought for a long time that our nation is on its way to becoming a dystopia due to our loss of freedoms and rights, and due to the mindsets and policies of our government officials. I strongly believe that all government officials should be required to read the great dystopian novels: 1984, Fahrenheit 451, A Brave New World, A Handmaid’s Tale, A Divided Kingdom, and Anthem–before they are allowed to run for office. I don’t know what books are on politicians’ reading lists these days, but I doubt that the classics of literature, and certainly the dystopian novels, are not on them.
I found a new presidential candidate who I really like: Donnie Kennedy. He will enter the GOP Primary with a pro-South, pro-liberty, and pro-Constitution platform.  Believing that the Federal government has too much power, that it is taxing us excessively, and that states have lost too many of their rights, he has a platform that makes sense.  Donnie is a prolific author. I have all of his books and I assure you that they are worth reading. Start with The South Was Right! I’ll have more to say about his books in future blog entries. You can read Kennedy’s bio, review his books, and read some of his  thought-provoking articles on his Web site: http://www.kennedytwins.com/default.php

You can find more about Donnie Kennedy’s presidential campaign here: http://electwdkennedy.com/2007/april/states_rights.php?SessID=30562


I’ve always loved Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, both in written script and movie form. I admire all of Miller’s work, but this play is my favorite. His portrayal of John Proctor is so moving wonderful—indeed, a masterpiece. Anyone who has been the victim of a witch hunt can empathize with Proctor. There are many lines I like, but today I’ll enter this one from Act II. John Proctor says:

“I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem–vengeance is walking Salem.  We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law!”