A Beautiful Thursday

Today is absolutely gorgeous in weather. ‘Tis my second day of cigarette abstinence. Other than causing me to bite and gnaw the bark off a few trees in the backyard, it hasn’t affected me much. Wish me luck.

In a moment, I’m going to the Post Office to send to my publisher another children’s book manuscript. Wish me luck with that too.  This afternoon, I’ll be on my way to Wl Feliciana Parish Library for a program there tonight. I received an email from the director there yesterday, and she seems quite excited.  Donnie, Kennedy, a devoted Southerner, just left my house. He recorded me talking about my books, Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House, and Stories of the Confederate South. He will post what he recorded, plus info on the book and my picture  that soon on a Website that features the signed books of Southern authors.  I’ll be home late tonight and if I’m not too tired, will post an entry about my program/signing tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Bienville Parish Library in Arcadia and at the Barnes and Noble in Shreveport. Saturday, at the Sam’s Club in Baton Rouge. This means there’s much packing for me to do this morning to prepare for that.  Fall has always been a time when I wrote much poetry, so I thought I’d post one of those fall poems today. I’ve also been reading of the Celts (again).  This produces a strong amount of feeling in me for some reason.

Fall Kisses

I’m your oak,
Sacred tree to the Celts,
Strong, weathered,
Full of ancient memories.
When you’re sad,
My kisses will drift to
Your cheek like leaves,
Stirred, floating on the air.
Clutch my trunk for comfort,
Climb my branches
For a better view of your life.
It is good you’re here with me,
Before winter, for there’s a
Beauty in this fall
Neither of us have ever seen before.
Close your eyes and hear the
Leaves descend, and know
That every leaf will be a kiss.