Notes from Vernon Parish

From the Country Inn motel, Leesville, Louisiana, Monday night.

After a busy but fantastic weekend at the North Texas Irish festival, I returned home about 11:30 p.m. Sunday night. I worked online till 2:00 a.m., then fell into bed. I rose at 6:00 hurriedly packed, and hit the road by 8:00 a.m. for Vernon Parish. I was interviewed on a local radio newspaper by an entergetic broadcaster on a Leesville station. I performed my first “live on the radio” song, “The Water Is Wide,” and talked about my books and the Library Musical Odyssey V program. It seems I’m their last musician for the year. The libraries website is here: The library’s director, Howard, and Gary, the Musical Odyssey director, are doing a fine job serving the community. We had a very large crowd and they were so into the Irish songs and the stories behind the songs and were delightful to be with. It seems everyone loves the Irish. I’m now in my hotel room, giving thought to the tasks that need to be done tomorrow.

One thought on “Notes from Vernon Parish

  1. Howdy, sir,
    Monday night at Leesville, you were a short drive from the Kisatchie Forest where the week-long “Into The Piney Woods” event was starting. It was a total immersion, everyone was as authentic as possible. Men from Germany, Britain and Ireland and all over the U.S. participated. It was refreshing to hear the accents. One of the irishmen was asking a question of a young American and the young fellow couldn’t understand the Irishman, so the Irishman asked someone to translate for him. ha
    Check out the AC Forum for “after action reports” and comments.
    Congrats on getting on the radio and spreading the good news, sir. We were able to pick up the NPR station from Shreveport in the base camp.

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