Thirty Days to Halloween: Day 5 – In the Shadow of the Vampire – Book Review

Thirty Days to Halloween: Day 5. A review of  In the Shadow of the Vampire: Reflections from the World of Anne Rice by Jana Marcus, with an Introduction by Katherine Ramsland.

One can certainly argue that Anne Rice made vampires popular through her Vampire Chronicles and movies based on her books. Her fans and disciples have created an actual subculture.  (Google says there are ten vampire bars in New Orleans, there are fan clubs, and vampire tours ). The back-cover description says this fascinating book offers interviews and a closeup view of her devotees and disciples with over 100 photographs from Rice’s Memnoch Ball in New Orleans. The book is rich with memorable quotes, too many to mention in this short review. This book will help you understand the world of Anne Rice and the world of those who live in the shadow of the vampire.

If you ever wondered how books and movies can affect people and how far they can go into the darkness, as one of the opening epigraphs says, “And in this Savage Garden, these innocent ones belonged in the vampire’s arms.”–Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat.