Tales on Tuesday #2: Inspiration from Matthew McConaughey

GREENLIGHTS by Matthew McConaughey

I’ve long respected and admired the acting talent of Matthew McConaughey, especially in his performances in Dallas Buyers Club and True Detectives Season One. After listening to his reading of Greenlights in audio form and obtaining the printed book (Crown Pub.), I feel I better understand the man himself and am even more impressed with his talents, as I’m sure you will be too if you read (or listen) to it. As McConaughey says in his opening, this is not a traditional memoir, but rather an approach to life, a playback based on adventures in his life that he considers significant, enlightening, or humorous, and he encourages the reader to subjectively adopt his experiences and advice to shape or change his or her view of reality or to change.

I am sure your encounter with Greenlights will increase your awareness of life, begin or continue your own journal, resurrect your own family memories, cause you to notice bumperstickers, (his unique spelling), plan your own wild adventures, increase your determination to reach goals, and inspire you to create and express yourself in poetry, song, or art. This book is a reminder that there can be as we say in Cajun Louisiana: Joie de vivre.