“Louisiana Moon” chords & lyrics by Avery Michaels

What a great song! I’ve included the chords and lyrics and the video. Be sure and purchase Avery Michaels song on iTunes!

Louisiana Moon Avery Michaels

G C, G C.

G             D                             C

There’s a ring around the Louisiana Moon

G             D                             C

And the stars are shining bright for me and you

G             D                             C

The wind is blowing memories across my mind

G             D                             C

Reminding me of all those hot nights


G                                             C         G

Louisiana Moon, shine down on me tonight

G                                 C                     D

Louisiana Moon, please help us keep it right


You were there when we started,

G                     EM

You’ll be there until the end,

AM7                           D                                 G.

Louisiana Moon, you will always be my closest friend.


Short Bridge: F/C

Verse 2:

You put a passion in the night with your soft glow

Like you’ve always done on those country roads

Send a message from your light for her to see,

When it glows against her skin, she’ll think of me.