Lincoln: Non-Christian President–Exposing the Myth by Walter D. Kennedy

Lincoln: Non-Christian President–Exposing the Myth by Walter D. Kennedy

 Walter D. Kennedy author of best seller The South Was Right has written another fascinating book relating to the Civil War. Lincoln, though he is held up as a national hero, like most political icons, he did have some flaws. In this book, Kennedy reveals some surprising things about him that may bring some discomfort, even shock to those who worship him. Here is a quick Amazon summary of the book:

ALTHOUGH MANY CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS LEADERS enthusiastically pronounce Lincoln to be a devout Christian, the evidence to the contrary is immense. The transformation of Lincoln from a secular humanist Freethinker into a faithful Christian is one of the most successful con-games in American history.

From George Washington to the current President (2023), every United States President has a confirmed church affiliation, except Lincoln. The only United States Supreme Court Justice that does not have a confirmed church affiliation is Justice David Davis, appointed by Lincoln.

Lincoln’s lack of orthodox Christian views is fully exposed by his wife, law partner, personal secretary, bodyguard, and other close associates.

Lincoln waged war as a pagan leader. A Christian leader would not have waged war upon innocent men, women, and children of the South. Lincoln was the first U. S. President with a communist in his cabinet and the only U. S. President to be praised by Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler, and Chinese Communist military leaders.

Perhaps this short introduction to Kennedy’s book will spark an interest in you to read more about America’s most famous President. It can be ordered from Amazon HERE: 

Rickey Pittman
Bard of the South