Facts About the Apache Indians

Having had a lifetime interest in Native Americans, and having just read The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard, I learned many things about the Apache Indians that I wanted to share in this post. The little details are indications of Leonard’s research and knowledge. Here are some things about the Apache Indians of the Southwest that I learned:

  1. Unlike other warrior tribes,, Apaches didn’t practice scalping.
  2. Apaches were fond of a corn beer called tizwin.
  3. “An Apache will squat behind a bush all day to take just one shot at an enemy” (31)
  4. When an Apache was seen by an enemy, it’s because he wants you to see him.
  5. Apache wore headbands, not war bonnets.
  6. They would wet and over their body with sand as. camouflage.
  7. To be killed at night was to wander in eternal darkness.
  8. Mangas Coloradas was shot in the back as he lay on the ground tied hand and foot after he had accepted a white flag.
  9. A nagual is a man with the power to change into animal.

There are several other insights into the Apache, so if you’re interested, I suggest you find the writings of Leonard!