Brittany: Inspiration for a Strong National Identity

       While most Americans currently chafe under the increasing control of the rich, liberal elite political leaders in Washington who promote globalism, create a society of victims totlly dependent on government handouts, and while we are suffering the effects of the Cancel Culture and the WOK mentality that daily thrashes, punishes, and targets any person or business that does not tow the leftist, liberal agenda, I was delighted to discover a strong Nationalistic movement in Brittany. Bretons chafe under the control of the rich Parisian liberals. Bretons consider Brittany their home, their nation, not France. Visitors to Brittany will see the old Celtic flag of Brittany everywhere and in songs and celebrations, one can discover how passionate one’s love for one’s homeland, culture, and history can be.

You might say it is a secession movement. And the facts of history reveal that the more cultural or ethnic populations experience and feel oppression from a corrupt government by taxation, censorship, and harsh laws, the more divided a nation can become and the more likely secession will be considered.

You can hear and feel the nationalistic fervor Bretons have in videos on Youtube–music, full of rich harmony, fierce lyrics, images of and often the Breton bagpipes, the binioù kozh. Here are a couple of examples of Breton’s nationalistic songs. I hope you enjoyed thee post and that you will share my blog’s link,