Biden’s America: When Things Fall Apart . . .

Biden’s America: When Things Fall Apart

“He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.”   —Chinua Achebe

A few months into Biden’s presidency, it is stating the obvious to say that things haven’t gone well. The hatred for President Trump and the poison liberal ideology that resulted in Biden’s fraudulent election, a cracking economy, a power-mad Washington elite, and an increasing border disaster is, to borrow Achebe’s words, a knife that may sever America from a prosperous and happy future. The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN slogan is quickly changing to WE MUST SAVE AMERICA.

In fact, things are going so badly since the projected  Golden Age of Biden has not materialized, the liberal and media emphasis has shifted once again to creating fear of another pandemic so that government can mandate masks and lock the whole country down again and then use the imaginary pandemic as an excuse to monkey with and cheat in elections as they did before because they know they cannot win another election otherwise.

They do not want Americans to have their country back.

Yet, there are many who think things are fine and do not realize the ship of our nation is sinking. We have charged full steam into an iceberg that has halted progress and ripped the bottom off unprecedented prosperity that existed just a few months ago.

I suspect the books of Charles Bowden are not read by many of our leaders or they would take the border problem much more seriously. The progress in halting the COVID pandemic is now jeopardized by the porous border allowing thousands carrying COVID to enter our nation, dispersing them at taxpayer expense through our nation, carrying COVID and other third-world diseases with them. In addition, dangerous gangs, known and convicted criminals, unprecedented quantities of drugs, and human traffickers follow like hungry wolves. Theodore Shoebat made a full-length documentary titled Hell Across the Border that reveals how gangs and death cults from Mexico have already come to America. There are already too many crime-ridden cities where travel, business, and living are not safe. That will only worsen if the present conditions are not corrected. Porous borders once helped destroy the Roman Empire.

Why are these things happening? Why is there a loss of patriotism? Why are people protesting law enforcement, kneeling during the National Anthem, praising anti-American groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, canceling bail, not arresting criminals, and releasing criminals? Why are hundreds dying because of violence in Democrat cities?

Why? Basically, too many are following media-fed fads. It’s a contagion of the bandwagon fallacy.  It’s a sort of virtue signaling, the popular thing to do.  Some support these measures because of monetary interests. Worse of all, there are many in the Washington elite who don’t care what happens to the citizens of our land as long as they don’t lose power.  They are protected by their huge fortunes, by their walled compounds and private security, and by legal immunity and exemption from laws and mandates.

The hatred of people like President Trump and conservatives is irrational. People who scream at the sky, harass people in restaurants, tear down statues, are little different than the fanatical Muslims who likewise scream, chant, and harass people who differ from them. Fanatical Islam defaces century-old monuments and stones people to death for minor offenses.

What solutions are offered to correct our crime problem? Disarming citizens is not the answer. Defunding and dismantling police forces have already born poison fruit. There are now more large areas of cities where it is not safe to drive through or even live in. Raising taxes or depending on government bailouts certainly can’t be the answer.

Can you blame someone who wants to move to a safer, less taxed state?

Our political leaders waste time so they can argue about masks. Will the mandate to wear masks become our national dress code? They threaten fines and arrest for violations of their policies, but they tolerate riots and violence. They revoked President Trump’s executive orders out of spite with no explanation. They either don’t have the knowledge or intelligence to see or they don’t care about the contradictions.

There are several current, destructive issues that loom in America’s future:

1) Shutdowns.  So many businesses have been permanently ruined. Too many will never be back. Many fear that another shutdown will break our nation beyond repair.

2) Travel by air,  both locally and internationally, is already difficult, and in some cases impossible.

3) The English language is under attack from WOKE censors and political correctness.

4) Phantom of white supremacy. America is the freest nation on earth and a land where any person, of any gender, nationality, or race can reinvent him or herself and fulfill their dreams. All they need is a strong work ethic, determination, ambition, and to take advantage of the many resources our nation offers.

5) The race card, especially through Critical Race Theory, is being used to create a victim mentality and actually creates hostility instead of harmony.

6) Hypocrisy and double standards of those in political power.

7) The use and application of logic have vanished. People who cannot think properly are dangerous.

8) There is a fast-growing loss of work ethics, due in part to government subsidies. When people don’t have to work, they won’t.

9) Media has largely become a tool of the Democratic Party. True the number of conservative media alternatives is growing, but it will be a while before they can have an influence that can equal liberal media.  Once upon a time I enjoyed PBS programs and selected upbeat shows like CBS Morning Show. I learned from them, was inspired by them, encouraged my students to listen to them. That is no longer true.

10) Celebrities and the Hollywood industry have stepped onto the liberal bandwagon, persecuting, blacklisting any who dare go against them.

11) Education is in real jeopardy. The power of the Teacher Unions is massive, resisting school openings. Higher education seems to be ignorant of history, resistant to the classics of literature, the dangers of communism, and principles of logic.

Of course, there is more than can be said, but perhaps this essay will be of some help to someone’s thinking.  I think there’s no better closing for us to remember than this prophetic quote from Cormac McCarthy’s  No Country for Old Men , “Ever step you take is forever. You cant make it go away. None of it. You understand what I’m sayin?”

Let’s hope our citizens and especially our leaders take the right steps.

–Rickey Pittman, 2021