A Southern Missive Newsletter: August 2013

A Southern Missive

Bardofthesouth.com Issue 1 August 2012

A Southern Missive: Containing special news, interviews, reviews, and articles, written by Rickey E.

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  • Pittman—award-winning author, storyteller, college writing instructor, folksinger, and songwriter. This is a free newsletter for anyone interested in the War Between the States, Scottish, Irish, Welsh culture and history, Texas History, interesting people, or music. If you’d like to receive the email version, contact me at rickeyp@bayou.com I’ll give you a free ebook for signing up. buy albion silver The newsletter will also be archived on this blog. ————————————————————- About the Bard of the South: Rickey E. Pittman Read his complete bio here: ———————————————————— IN THIS ISSUE: ============================================================= The Latest from http://www.bardofthesouth.com/ ============================================================= I’m gearing up for the coming school year, which I hope will be the best and busiest year I’ve had. Last year, I made 143 presentations. new balance 574 femme bleu marine cheap albion silver This year I hope to have more. goedkoop nike air max 2016 August will be spent in music gigs and Arkansas History presentations for Arkansas Teacher Personal Development for various ISDs. Along with Jed Marum and Travis Ener, I’ve begun work on my fourth CD, which will be a collection of original songs centered on South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, and Northern Mexico. I already have four songs laid down for it. ============================================================= ============================================================= ————————————————————- BOOK THE BARD! ————————————————————- Book the Bard of the South for your school, library, organization, festival, church, banquet or other event.

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  • His positive, energetic presentation of stories and songs are sure to delight and edify those in attendance. buy albion gold His rates are reasonable and he pays his own travel and lodging expenses. Adam Wainwright Authentic Jersey albion silver Contact information: Rickey Pittman Cell 318-547-2906 Email: mailto:rickeyp@bayou.com Facebook: Rickey E. Pittman ============================================================= ( 5.) This Week’s Article ============================================================= The Art of Storytelling I tell these kinds of stories–stories of the War Between the States (America’s Civil War), state history (mostly, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana to this point) Scottish, Irish, and other Celtic stories, and stories of Scottish and Irish saints. albion gold They have been well-received and I’ve had the battle experience now to answer this question: WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE TO THOSE WHO WANT TO DO STORYTELLING? . . Notre Dame Fighting Irish cheap albion gold . You can read more here: ============================================================= Ask The Expert: Email the Bard of the South your letters with comments and questions and I’ll post them here each issue with the proper response—answers to your questions or suggestions to help you with your research, storytelling, songwriting, or history. ============================================================= With my first issue of the Bard of the South Ezine, I’m going to begin with a few questions I’m commonly asked at my author and storytelling events: 1. How long have you been a storyteller? I have been traveling the country, mostly in the South, since the fall of 2007. Andre Ethier Jersey 2. What have you published? I have eight books in print and three music CDs. I have one children’s picture that will be out by Jan. 2014 (if all goes well) and one more CD, sometime in 2014. 3. Canotte Phoenix Suns cheap albion gold How did you find the story of Jim Limber? A friend gave me a very old book on the Confederacy, and there in the margin was a photo of Jim Limber, and a brief note that said, “Jim Limber: A free child of color adopted by Jefferson Davis.” I began my research and found much information about this forgotten child of history. ————————————————————- Like Bard of the South on Facebook! Rickey E. Pittman ============================================================= Stories: Jed Marum’s South Wind ============================================================= I’ve long been a fan of Jed Marum’s music and songwriting.

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  • His technique is flawless and versatile, whether flatpicking or finger picking on guitar, banjo, and banjola. He is a road warrior–traversing the nation with his songs and stories for audiences of all ages.

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  • Of all Marum’s CDs, I feel that he has produced his masterpiece with The South Wind (Though Cross Over the River is a close second). buy albion gold This CD, released on March 17, 2013, captures the spirit of the South and succinctly communicates what it means and what it feels like to be a Southerner . . . Read the whole story here: ————————————————————- ADVERTISEMENT: Are you a musician in need of a recording studio? There’s one I use that I’d like to recommend—Rockin T Audio in Princeton, Texas. Travis Ener is the engineer and does fantastic work at a reasonable price. Contact him here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to forward this Ezine to your friends.