The Devil & the President by Damon Légion

The Devil and the President by Damon Légion

The Devil is Biden his time,
He’s found the man he needs,
To destroy and create disaster,
By abuse of power and greed.

His new boy-toy has hubris,
Seen from the very first day,
When like an angry spoiled child,
Reversing progress previously made.

Listen to Lucifer’s plan,
He has so much to say,
Horrific threats and promises,
The price that we all will pay.

“I’ll crush you by invasion,
With drugs like fentanyl,
I’ll enslave young kids and women,
And joyfully traffic them all.

“I will open up the border,
And stop your border wall,
Blinding clueless leaders,
To the threat of a nation’s fall.

“You must welcome the invaders,
And the diseases that they bring,
The drugs and increased crime,
That make demons and cartels sing.

“I know how to spin a story,
To make a lie sound correct,
Many may try to stop me,
But they haven’t done so yet!

“Don’t worry, I can change your laws,
And even your Constitution,
Ignore your Supreme Court Judges,
And corrupt College institutions.

Don’t worry about China,
Or India’s pollution,
I’ll handle climate change,
With crippling, harsh solutions!